Executive Coaching

At Rabinowitz Partners, we know that leaders must communicate the value of their organizations effectively to a wide range of audiences including staff, constituents, potential funders and media representatives.

“Richmond’s clear strategic vision and compelling leadership style raised our organization from wobbly infancy to the solid ground of adulthood. She brought joy to our mission, and our organization grew by leaps and bounds as a result. She is a shrewd recruiter, an empowering mentor, a visionary pace setter, and most definitively, a passionate advocate. We look forward to working with Rabinowitz Partners again.”

Susie Sonneborn, Chair
Montclair Public Library Foundation

Our consultants can provide you with the skills to refine your message so that it quickly and clearly imparts not only key information, but also your passion and vision in a way that inspires action.

Rabinowitz Partners will help you and your staff transform the way you articulate the mission and value of your organization so that your message connects hearts and minds. Our consultants can show you how to engage your audience with memorable images. We can help you create an “elevator pitch” for those critical times when potential clients or colleagues need to quickly grasp the essence of your organization.

Our consultants can coach you and members of your staff on how to look and sound your best, whether on television, in a video, on the Internet, at a press conference, a media tour or a print interview. We can provide on-camera training, feedback and instruction on body language, eye contact, elocution and vocal control.

Rabinowitz Partners can help you:

  • Design and deliver the most effective and appropriate message for every public speaking forum;
  • Become a more relaxed speaker, able to build a connection with your audience, personalize speeches and refine your delivery;
  • Maximize your vocal qualities through better pitch, power and placement of the voice;
  • Create presentations that turn statistics into stories that powerfully illustrate your vision;
  • Hone your interpersonal skills and help you to become an engaged listener;
  • Control and enjoy the interview process so that you get your message heard in a lasting way;
  • Be prepared to expertly answer questions from the media even in times of crisis;
  • Build and maintain a presence in the media.