Rabinowitz Partners

Interim Services

“Working with Richmond was truly a gift. What a great opportunity to have such an experienced professional serve as the interim executive director for our organization. She is smart, focused, full of energy, has great communication skills and best of all a wonderful sense of humor.”

Phil Salerno
Leadership New Jersey
Board of Trustees Chairman

Transitions are clearly times of change, and sometimes they are times of crisis.

Interim leaders must be able to assess the state of an organization quickly, propose options for change and help begin the process of moving forward. They need to be able to communicate the bad news and the good in a manner that is understandable and constructive. They must also be able to set realistic goals and guide an organization toward them.

Our highly professional team of interim executives inspires confidence and fosters loyalty, playing a key role on three fronts:

  • First, they will step in immediately to help maintain a productive work environment.
  • Second, they will support leaders in making the hard decisions that come with change, addressing problems and potential opportunities.
  • Third, their objective point of view will help determine which specific skills best serve an organization and help chart a future path.

The loss of a leader, be it CEO, CFO, Communications Director or Development Officer, creates, at the very least, significant strain. Rabinowitz Partners can provide an interim executive who will work effectively with your team until your staff member returns or a new staff member is hired.