Rabinowitz Partners


Strengthening Philanthropic Impact

Giving away money is easy. There are tens of thousands of “good causes” making grant requests both to individuals and organizations with a history of giving, and to those new to philanthropy. At Rabinowitz Partners, our goal is to help donors stay in the driver’s seat and be proactive, rather than reactive, grant-makers. Just as venture capitalists seek a financial return on their investments, serious philanthropists look for ways to measure the social return on their dollars.

Most philanthropy is fueled by passion, often based on personal experience — a childhood illness, an inspirational classroom, an enriching theatrical program, an aging family member. When that passion is reflected in a targeted giving strategy, philanthropy becomes not only more effective, but more rewarding as well.

Rabinowitz Partners are committed to assisting new and experienced philanthropists ensure that their giving has maximum impact. We favor a results-oriented, pragmatic approach to grant-making, and we work to help donors measure the results of their generosity. Our work can involve a variety of activities, including:

  • working with donors to identify issue areas based on their values and interests;
  • researching existing and potential areas of giving, and convening experienced practitioners and grant-makers in particular fields;
  • identifying best practices and models among existing nonprofits and grant-makers;
  • helping donors establish measurable and realistic goals for their giving, and setting up a process that incorporates these goals into the proposal review cycle;
  • examining current funding practices and recommending strategies for improvement;
  • helping donors establish funding guidelines and materials for public distribution;
  • reviewing grant proposals to help trustees make funding decisions;
  • assisting philanthropists with measuring the impact of their giving; and
  • developing administrative systems to manage proposals and related correspondence.