Rabinowitz Partners


Rabinowitz Partners is a team of consultants dedicated to helping mission-based organizations flourish. We offer a broad range of services to both nonprofits and those who support them.

“With the help of Rabinowitz Partners, we quickly discovered that development is about more than raising money. It is about innovation, knowing your organization and building successful relationships with all your members — the board, current donors and future supporters. Richmond brought this all to ACNJ. With her guidance, we strengthened our organization in several ways: changed our name and look to better reflect our mission; hosted a series of small events to introduce ACNJ to new communities; strengthened board development and almost tripled our base of supporters. And yes — she also succeeded in raising funds from new individual, corporate and foundation donors!”

Cecilia Zalkind
Executive Director
Advocates for Children of New Jersey

For nonprofits, Rabinowitz Partners use our decades of leadership experience in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors to work with you to bring your organization to its full potential. Together we will develop a plan that promotes your immediate and long-term goals. Whether it’s interim services, strategic planning, management training, communications or a combination of any of these, we will provide the extra hands you need to launch a new initiative or enhance existing programs. We are consultants who will listen to and work with your executives and trustees to develop best practice goals, governance, improved financial practices and more effective communication. We are trainers who will lead your staff to new levels of understanding and competency.

For philanthropists, Rabinowitz Partners bring to our consultancy a deeply held belief in the transformative power of giving. We know that when donors see real results from their generosity, they are inspired and enriched. We are advisors who can help you design your giving strategy, assessing requests for gifts and measuring program outcomes in terms of impact and sustainability.

For both nonprofits and donors, our cost effective services begin with a conversation. We listen to you. Then together with you we will develop a plan that is within your budget, your time frame and your mission. At Rabinowitz Partners we believe the goal of making nonprofits flourish is a serious, worthwhile business, and that the process of attaining this goal should be cooperative, collegial and enjoyable.